Real G shit !!!! @pharrell blessing us once again with great visuals. #Pharrell #MarylinMonroe

rebelrai asked: bastian I'm sad yo, a girl stole my goin' gorillas shirt :/

Damn lol that sucks ! I get mine taken from friends all the time

Anonymous asked: Can u ask jryan what kind of shirt he had on?

Nigga what, ask him

pitchblackricardo asked: when you can't answer your daughter questions.


Anonymous asked: What is the tattoo on your collarbone?

Pursuit of profit. Arabic.

Anonymous asked: You look like Chris brown in that black and white picture :o

U look lik a booty ho

Anonymous asked: Which Kitson were u at?


Let’s #pray

Let’s #pray

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We tick tock free

We tick tock free

#nofilter lets go.

#nofilter lets go.

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